We’re Going to the Cape is the song that captures the Sights, Sounds and the Outdoor feel of Cape Cod.
It just makes people want to go and relax on the Cape whenever they hear it.
It is truly Cape inspired and was written and recorded by Steve Schaefer in the summer of 2009.

The catchy hook of the song, We’re Going to the Cape, has caught the attention of some businesses on the Cape as a way to promote their Product or Service.

Affordably Promote your business in the following ways:

  • A Custom Embedded Web Video link on YOUR Web Site (30 sec., 60 sec. or full 4min.version)
  • Music CD Promotional Giveaway for your Customers or Guests.
  • Picturesque Musical DVD Giveaway Highlighting the Cape and possibly your establishment.
  • Oval Vinyl or Magnetic 4 x 6 We’re Going to the Cape Sticker (Note as seen below on the right you can insert your logo and product picture.)
  • Retail Package for a Gift Shop of the General We’re Going to the Cape Sticker, DVD, CD
  • Have your advertising pay for itself!
General Logo 4 x 6 Oval Sticker
(Vinyl or Magnetic)
Custom Logo and Picture 4 x 6 Oval Sticker
(Shown: School House Ice Cream (Harwich Port)
Whether it’s a vacationer wanting a copy of the song We’re Going to the Cape to play in their car while driving to the Cape, a person wanting to show their love of the Cape with a We’re Going to the Cape Oval Sticker on their car, or a business wanting to attract people to their establishment, We’re Going to the Cape is for you! It will be a Positive for both the Customer and the Business.

Enjoy, Relax and Refresh, is what the Cape is all about,

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